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  • Live concerts.
    Live concerts.

    Attend what you never seen before

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  • Exclusive for you
    Exclusive for you

    Discover the start of tomorrow

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  • Program diversity
    Program diversity

    Enjoy the best music

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  • Discover the start of tomorrow
    Discover the start of tomorrow

    Exclusive for you

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Program preview

How to apply?

How to apply?

1. Click on the menu regulation and select your discipline.

Remarque: If you don't have an account yet, please fill out the User registration form, by choosing a username and password.
You will get immediately your confirmation link in your email. PLEASE CHECK ALSO YOUR JUNK OR SPAM INBOX.

Login and read the regulation.

2. Click on the menu application and fill out the application form.

How many applicants?

How many participants are inviting for the audition?
Due to the restricted time for the audition, the competition can invite a limited number of participants. The first applications are taken into consideration.

Can I send my own video?

Can I send my own video?
Yes, the participants are welcome to send their own recording for the audition.
In this case their is no need to travel to make the audition.

Costs of the competition?

What are the costs of the competition?

The application is free of charge!
After beeing selected for the competition, the participants will be supported by the public vote.
Only 50 points of the public vote are needed to cover the participation fee.
The travel and accommodation costs will be covered for the finalists.

Subscription (12 months)

Number of Subscriptions
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Please, please, please invite me for the audition! Pierre (France)

Incredible the level. It is the best competition in the world!
Peter (Australia)

A powerfull jury, who can really promote the participants with concerts! Tibor (Hungary)

I startet my career here. Tania (Germany)

I also want to show my talent to the world! Karine (Armenia)


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