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  • Recording in Musikverein
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  • Live concerts.
    Live concerts.

    Attend what you never seen before

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  • Exclusive for you
    Exclusive for you

    Discover the start of tomorrow

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  • Discover the start of tomorrow
    Discover the start of tomorrow

    Exclusive for you

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  • Program diversity
    Program diversity

    Enjoy the best music

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How many participants are inviting for the audition?
Due to the restricted time for the audition, the competition can invite a limited number of participants. The first applications are taken into consideration.

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Thank´s to all of you for your votes. 1000 boxes!!!!!! Paul (USA)

The competition does not only brings amazing financial support for the participants with the public vote, it does also provide international concerts, recordings, promotion. Well the best!!! Andrew (USA)    

Discipline Entertainment. So cool! I shared the video with my class made. Jean-Marc (France)

I need a participant for my next show. Please get contact me asap.
Ahmed (Dubai)

World Music Competition, thank you for organizing such amazing competition! Sonia (Georgia)


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