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Uncovering a Forgotten Work: The Journey of René Gerber's Flute Concerto

Imagine yourself in Paris in 1998, surrounded by the cultural buzz of the Paris Music Salon (MUSICORA). It was in this vibrant setting that I had the privilege of personally meeting the renowned Swiss composer René Gerber. Our encounter was as casual as it was magical, and his music resonates in my mind today.

Gerber1During the event, I had the opportunity to perform a small recital, featuring works from the French flute repertoire, including the beautiful Sonata No. 2 by Philippe Gaubert. To my surprise and honor, Gerber was in the audience. After my performance, he approached me, captivated not only by my interpretation but also by how my music evoked memories of his Parisian youth.

From this initial exchange of words, a special connection was born. Gerber expressed his desire for us to collaborate on a flute concerto. Two months later, I found myself in Neuchâtel, Switzerland, at the home of this master composer. I was greeted with generosity and hospitality that I will never forget.

I was amazed to discover that Gerber had completely revised the work and, even more surprisingly, composed a second movement exclusively for me. This new movement, in an impressionistic style, was a true revelation, allowing me to explore the full range of my sonic qualities.

However, despite all the enthusiasm and meticulous preparation, the concerto was never recorded. Life, with its unpredictable twists and turns, ultimately deprived us of this unique opportunity. Years passed, and René Gerber left us, taking with him not only his genius but also the revised score of his masterpiece, which remained untouched and forgotten.

Now, a new opportunity arises to honor René Gerber's legacy and bring his forgotten music to light. We propose to record the concerto with the magnificent Cairo Symphony Orchestra, under the baton of the renowned conductor Boris Perreneud. This project is not only a tribute to Gerber's brilliant mind but also a celebration of contemporary classical music and its ongoing relevance.

By supporting this fundraising campaign, you not only become part of a unique musical journey but also help preserve and promote the legacy of one of the great composers of the 20th century. Our individual contributions may seem small, but together they form a symphony of support and gratitude.

Join us on this exciting musical adventure and be part of history. Your generosity may be the key to uncovering a lost masterpiece and bringing René Gerber's music to life for future generations. Thank you for your attention and support.

James Strauss
Universal Music



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What amazing website.


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